Once you start regularly to catch up, no matter whether it is a part of workout in the gym Anastrozole or at home after work, quickly you will notice the progress. At some point you will most likely get stuck at a certain number of pull-UPS, and will not be able to progress as fast as in the beginning. The question immediately arises, what is pull-UPS with weights? It's simple: regular pull-UPS, doing that adds a little weight (it can be pancakes, suspended from the belt, a weighted vest, or something else.. ). The added weight can vary from 1kg to 50kg and more, it all depends on you.
Pull up until the bar touches the collarbone or a point slightly lower on the chest. Ceteris paribus, spiritbearny or bronirovannyj grips will allow you to lower your arms lower than parallel grip. Fully shorten the latissimus dorsi by pulling the scapula down, and pulling the upper block. How high you will be able to catch up will depend in part on the width of your grip and the length of arms, and partly from your own strength and body weight. Do not try to catch up above any price, ignoring the discomfort in the shoulders and elbows. At the top of the exercise, your back should be arched. If you have to slant our back to complete the repetition, then it means that you are catching up with the weight, which for you is too great.
Meanwhile, there are scientifically grounded opinion that pull-UPS with weight is dangerous and harmful to one's health. Since the hernia is not formed in one moment, but over the years and may be asymptomatic.
What happens when you hang weights?
First, the straps on which are suspended the weights are in constant tension Anastrozole and occluded iliac and femoral arteries. You can feel weakness and numbness of the lower extremities.
Secondly, the ligaments of the annulus fibrosus against excessive tension to weaken and not hold the nucleus pulposus. They are now with age, become thinner and weaker, and then there's 16, 24 or 32 kilograms stretch.
The structure of the fibers of the fibrous ring disc is designed for certain volume and direction of motion of the spine. If the direction and volume of physical load on the disc differ from the norm, it is the gradual destruction of the fibrous ring. As a result the nucleus pulposus protrudes through the ligaments and we get the first stage of formation of herniated discs is protrusion. In the future it may rupture the fibrous ring and the yield of substance of nucleus pulposus outside the disc. Here and formed a hernia.
At the same time, the positive effect of the bar on human health is well known Anastrozole and proven. With exercise, you can strengthen all the muscles of the shoulder girdle, abdomen and hands. In addition, the horizontal bar has a beneficial effect on the spine.
Periodically catching on the horizontal bar, it is possible to form a correct posture and prevent the development of many diseases, including scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis.

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