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Want to book a limo for a wedding, birthday or other event?

Our advice will help you choose the best option.

1. Select rationally!
The first thing you need to determine the number of passengers. If you have a small company, you perfect limousine Lincoln Town car New (9-13 people). When traveling in a limousine is very important is the comfort, make sure that all guests will be comfortable in the car. If you are hosting a party, you should order a large, for example, a limousine Hummer H2 and Cadillac Eskaleyd. At the same time pay attention to the interior of the vehicle, since the beautiful lights, a bar, a mirrored ceiling, glowing floor, LCD screens is the best complement your party.

2. Take care of the car in advance!
Advance limousine hire has its undeniable advantages: You can choose the car that is planned, as well as to pre-select your favorite of your decorations for a wedding convoy. If desired, you can view a limousine and offers jewelry live, to be sure of their choice and to insure themselves against unpleasant surprises.

3. The cost of rent!
The cost of rental limousine depends on several factors:
- Age of the car. The difference in the price of rental of the same, at first glance, the car can be due to non-ideal state of a cheaper car.
- There are "seasonal price" for a limousine rental and certain days of the week, when the limousine rental price is highest. Typically, the "wedding season" begins in April and lasts until the end of October. It is clear that at this time of limousines price increases. also important day of the week - Saturday is the most popular day for weddings, celebrations and holidays, so the price of the limousine that day is the highest.
- The duration of the rental limo. The longer your order, the lower the price of the limousine for an hour.

4. Select by company car rental.
Do you want to be confident in the car rental company?
- Ask friends and acquaintances, who may use the services of companies in the limousine. The most important thing for a company that provides services, this reputation, seeking her for years and she was very dear. Therefore it is possible to rely on the opinions of your friends and acquaintances.
- Rental costs should not be too high, as this can be an intermediary company. But the price is too low to be alerted.
- Find out whether the company has its own rental fleet of limousines. If the vehicle is owned by the company. That it will guarantee delivery of the limousine to the designated address, and time.