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PARENTERALS or INJECTABLES refer to liquid drugs which are taken by injection. This might be intravenous (into the vein), subcutaneous (under the skin), or intramuscular (in the muscle).

Anabolic steroids require deep intramuscular injection. This usually requires a 1 to 1 1/2" needle, 21 to 25 gauge. The recommended kalpa pharmaceuticals injection site is the upper outer quadrant of the gluteal muscle.

PLATEAU: The point in a cycle where a steroid's effectiveness diminishes. This often occurs because of receptor down regulation. At this testosterone suspension point steroid receptor sites are no longer recognizing the exogenous androgens -- they then are of no further benefit to the user. Plateaus can occur after as few as three weeks, but are more often reported after six weeks. Athletes try to overcome plateaus by increasing the dosage of the drug to keep it working. This is effective up to a certain point, but soon reaches potentially harmful dosages. Another common practice is to cycle the steroids in a stack-stagger pattern. In this type of cycle the user takes a number of different steroids, each for three to six weeks. Taken in short intervals, the receptor sites usually do not shut down. Other steroid users stop the drugs when they reach a plateau. Other users feel special arrays do not reach plateaus. An array is a stack of two or more steroids, or drugs.

RECEPTOR MAPPING: This is a technique used in attempt to determine a certain steroid's effects on a given individual. Each person reacts differently to dosages of different steroids. Mapping is done in an effort to individualize dosages so that one buy legal steroids in us maximizes gains while minimizing side effects. Mapping starts with recording a number of aspects of a cycle. First, all the steroids taken must be carefully documented everyday. Graphs of weight and strength gains should be made up and filled in once a week. A thorough diary should be kept which reports any side effects like acne, water retention, gynecomastia, etc. Other variables should be monitored like energy levels, sex drive, and appetite. Usually these are recorded three times a week. During the cycle, the dosages should be steadily increased. If side effects are occurring concurrently with strength and weight gains, the dosage should be lowered to see if gains outweigh the adverse reactions. All the variable readings can give clues as to whether the drugs are working. If effective, energy levels, appetite, and sex drive should be high. This method has some flaws. It does not account for variables such as a sufficient off cycle, improper training, and/or deficient nutrition. Mapping one drug at a time is more accurate than trying to map a stack of drugs (6).

So how does the previous example compare with a steroid possessing a half-life of eight days instead of four? Once again, you can see that a dosing schedule of 200mg every 8 days (ie. dosing at intervals equivalent to steroid half-life) leads to a steady-state in approximately 6 weeks (ie. 5 x t 1/2 ), with a 2-fold fluctuation in concentration. If we now halve the dosing interval to 200mg every 4 days, there is a significant accumulation of steroid simply because you are not allowing the body enough time to clear the previous dose before the next dose. Time to legal steroids for sale reach steady-state is relatively unchanged, and the fluctuation window is narrower, but the concentration-time profile may exceed the therapeutic range, leading to undesirable side-effects.