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Passing a Drug Test

The failure of an athlete passing a drug test or attempt to falsify its results are considered as recognition of the fact that the use of performance enhancing drugs with all the ensuing consequences.

Falsification of the results of doping control is to various kinds of manipulations, aimed steroids for sale at the distortion of its results. To attempts of falsification of athletes may resort, when they obviously are confident in the positive result of the analysis of biological samples for doping. Thus possible attempts to substitute urine (catheterization and introduction into the bladder of alien, obviously free of prohibited substances urine, or urine simulating liquid; the use of microcontainers; deliberate contamination of urine aromatic compounds, complicating the identification of doping). Banned manipulations also include special surgical operations (for example, the suturing under the skin tissue of the placenta).

Used to determine the doping physico-chemical methods of analysis of biological samples urine (chromium-map, mA-espectrometria-Chia, Radiomania, immunoassay, etc.) are very sensitive and include the computer identification of doping drugs and their derivatives. They allow with high accuracy to determine, all used by the athlete, the drugs, including those used in the last weeks and even months. In addition, developed methods of determining the so-called "blood doping", i.e. PHE-relevane the athlete's own or another's blood before the start.

If before the doping control took place only highly qualified athletes and only during responsible international testosterone for sale and domestic competitions, now this control is carried out not only in the competitive period, but also during training sessions; and the testing for doping is required for all sports persons irrespective of their sports facilities.

Detection of doping threatens athlete severe punishments including excommunication buy steroids with credit card from the sport. When you first identify prohibited substances (with the exception of sympatho-mimetic drugs, such as ephedrine and its derivatives) he is disqualified for 2 years, with re - for life. If you receive a SIM atomisation the first time - disqualification for 6 months, the second for 2 years, the third -for life. In this case, the penalty shall also the trainer and the doctor, observing the athlete.

Use as doping of any means officially related to drugs, leads to administrative and criminal penalties. Currently, the legislature made proposals for the imposition of criminal penalties for taking steroids without medical testimony, or decline to receive them. Summarizing all the above, you can make only correct conclusion: never use doping, no matter how tempting it seemed fast and not achieving the desired result. Is there a reasonable alternative to doping? - you may ask. There!