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Features Of Training Females In Strength Sports

For women bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting is a relatively new sports. This does not mean that women did not train with weights. Modern education for women in the shot put or the javelin unthinkable without the use of different weights. There is widespread use of weights to train with women in speed skating, sprinting, etc.

In bodybuilding women began to actively take part in competitions in the late 70's, and in 80-90-ies in powerlifting and weightlifting"

What are women different from men? A woman's body has a narrower joints, and hence the weaker the ligaments and tendons. Therefore, women cannot count on to workout with the same weights as men, although they can perform the same exercises. Therefore, it's all about the dosage load. Women have proportionately more powerful and broad structure of the pelvic region ionamin compared to men, which provides them a more stable equilibrium, since their center of gravity is located below. This factor has an insignificant impact on training, although women are generally more flexible than men, and therefore unable to exercise their muscles on a wider range of motion. Lower body of women is relatively more powerful and stronger than the upper. Men have a greater circumference of the shoulder girdle relative to the lower, while in women it looks the opposite. So naturally women have a tendency to grow in strength and volume of the muscles faster in the lower parts of the body.

At the same time, women need to be more careful octo when performing exercises involving lifting weights due to the upper body, it refers more to those athletes who do weightlifting, and in no lesser degree, powerlifting. The athleticism is there is no need to perform the classic exercises and weightlifting, for example, thrust. In the body of women more fat than men. On average even the most prepared steroids online athlete in a competitive form contains 10-16 percent more fat than a male athlete. Fat in women is mainly concentrated in the pelvic region and legs, making it difficult to achieve muscularity. To develop my foot muscles, you must perform a variety of exercises using light weight shells and a large number of repetitions in combination with a good follow a low-fat nutrition program.

Women respond to training with heavy weights is exactly the same as men, gaining strength and losing fat. But all this is less pronounced. Men develop considerable amounts of muscle because they have a somewhat different hormonal structure.

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