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You want to lose weight, maintain your body in good shape or simply Testosterone for Sale not imagine my life without exercise? The fitness club is too far from you, and just don't have the time or money? Your apartment is slightly cramped, and does not like gym? All this is not a reason to stop and deprive yourself of full training. Just look around! And you will realize that for training you need only yourself, your desire and convenient place. And nothing more. Nature fitness could not be better suited for this. 
Urban Park, green space or your cottage, beach - easily replace your gym. There is no need of a large number of equipment. Most physical exercises are universal and are performed only using your own weight. You can do Jogging, squats, dips, push-UPS, absolutely nothing is not using. Jumping over a log or a curb or lunges using the same Testosterone for Sale things on rough ground with ease will condition your feet not worse than in the gym. Bricks, small rocks and logs can easily replace dumbbells and a barbell. A strong tree perfect for pull-UPS.
But if there is no Park, no other natural areas, then you will approach the Workout (the workout), that is, street (city) fitness. The only thing you will need is street Playground. It really is near each house. Here all exercises are performed with the help of parallel bars, horizontal ladders, tires, wall bars, horizontal bars, sometimes even just on earth. In some countries, the workout has become a whole movement.
To fitness in nature, also includes soccer, volleyball, swimming in the river or lake, riding roller Coniah, Biking and much more. So choose what suits you, take your friends and go!
If you are still only thinking about it, weigh the pros and all the cons, then for you to name just a few of the advantages of sports activities in nature:

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